Adam Ball


These works deliberate various themes of creation on a minute and cosmic scale. The work aims to echo the hidden order and the transient disposition of nature. The subject matter includes the apparent spiritual silence of the world's oldest tropical rainforest and layered microbiological imagery. There is no hierarchy in the selection of imagery; but rather to contrast the micro and the macro, biological and electrical, chemical and natural, molecular and galactic. The hand-cut paper works recall the subtle shadows cast throughout the day, or the trace of an enigmatic landscape, now frozen in both time and memory. Meticulous and labor-intensive, his work is largely rooted in a process of subtraction - an act defined by transforming and reworking the source material. In this way, his pieces can be viewed as tangible epigraphs of an independent and introspective pursuit - defined by memory and perception. Informed by concept and process, the works suggest a type of re-birth and regeneration: of both source material and content. Emanating with silent-energy, Ball effectively references the past, the indefinite expanses of nature, and the documentation of individual memory. read full statement

Location London