Aaron McPeake

My art practice is primarily concerned with issues of adaptation for those that encounter and interpret the finished work, as well as for me, the maker. Adaptation is most evident through my physical negotiation of making different types of artwork, given that; I am acutely visually impaired (registered blind). For any artist vision loss is an accepted difficulty, however, for me it has also proved to be something of a bonus in that it has provided a paradigm, which prompts me to solve problems. In recent years I have deliberately chosen to work with various types of media (e.g. photography, film, printmaking, wood sculpture and bronze casting) as I have come to realise that the subjective, artistic, intention can often be informed by wrestling with methods of production and vice versa. Also, my exploration of a wide range of subjective issues is a way for me to realise ambitions simultaneously - those of ongoing research and learning and the creation of artworks that might be seen as culturally valuable. read full statement

Location London