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FREE Insurance

Artists, Makers and Art Professionals who are Networks Associates or Full Members receive FREE Public Liability, Product Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance with up to £5 million of cover.

As well as Free Insurance Network Associate includes

Membership to one of the UK's larges Contemporary Art Networks with Artists, Makers, Art Professionals and Creative Freelancers

Access to Vacant Space

Network Associate can access our growing portfolio of properties and the FREE Public Liability Insurance covers your activity

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“Axisweb has been great...and now that Axisweb offers artists an affordable insurance policy, I get even more from being a member.”

Eldi Dundee, Artist / Maker 

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FAQs - Insurance for Artists, Makers & Art Professionals

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

As an Artist, Maker, Art Professional or Creative Freelancer, your work may involve exhibitions, public performances, workshops, open studios or public commissions.  If someone were to injure themselves during one of these public events, you could be held liable.   

Liability Insurance gives you peace of mind.

Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If you work on a freelance basis and that involves giving advice, providing a service such as curating, commissioning or project management, then you are liable what you delivered.  

Increasingly our members are being asked for proof of Professional Indemnity before working in schools and with local authorities.

Network Associate gives you peace of mind

As a member you will be covered for:

Public and Product Liability of £5 million within the European Union;
Professional Indemnity Insurance of £5 million Worldwide (excluding claims brought in USA/Canada)

Network Associate is available to any Artist, Maker, Art Professional and Creative Freelancer.

Only £2.50 per month

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Membership Questions?

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As a Charity we are in a unique position to negotiate special deals on behalf of our Members.  

As a Network Associate you will have the option to access Membership Rewards with LogBuy.  Membership Rewards includes exclusive offers and discounts for many of life's essentials.  

It is possible to recoup your Axisweb Membership fee in money saved from items you would normally purchase.